Relationship and Marriage Counselling

A relationship is two people working towards a common goal. Sometimes this couple reaches a wall, which causes stress, anxiety and miscommunication. They start blaming one another and forget that they are two very unique people in a relationship and that the problem is the challenge and not each other.

As a third party, the counselor plays the role of an unbiased facilitator. ThisĀ helps both sides see the problem as opposed to seeing each other as the problem and hopefully unite in addressing the challenge.

fighting couple

Obstacles that may be affecting your relationship:

  • I no longer trust my partner
  • Why are they working such long hours
  • I feel I am the only parent
  • Financially stress
  • I cant talk to my partner (they ignore me, shout or get irritable)
  • We argue about nothing
  • I feel I am the only one that gives everything
  • My partner’s family interferes in our relationship and family
  • I am so alone

If any of the sentences above resonate with you, counselling can help repair your relationship. It is important though that both parties agree to fully commit to counselling. Whether you are in a marriage or just committed to one another, there is always hope to repair the bond, as long as both of you have the will to fight for it.

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