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It’s never been easier to book your counselling session. Now you have control over when you would like to see me, follow these simple steps to book a session now.

1. Book a session

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2. Registration

If you have not seen me in the last 12 months, please complete my

If you struggle completing the online form, you can download it, complete it and please WhatsApp the form to +27790198437 or Email it to before your scheduled session.

3. Pay before session

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Registration Form

Please complete the form below. Should you experience any issue, you can also manually download the form.

Client Details

The client is the person responsible for payment, if your child or partner will be seeing me (with or without you), their name is the last field in this section, if applicable.

Emergency Contacts

Should a situation occur where connectivity is lost and I believe there is a need for someone to intervene, I will contact these individuals. 

Medical Aid

Should you require an invoice to claim back from your South African medical aid, please complete this section for the person I am seeing.  The section is however optional and not required if it does not apply to you.

Terms & Conditions

Informed Consent

I grant Storme Brand (“the counsellor”) permission to during the course of therapy with myself and/or my specified partner/dependent/minor (“the client”) to utilise counselling and therapeutic techniques to obtain information considered to be in the best interest of the client or his/her family, to the absolute discretion of the counsellor. I understand and accept that there is no guarantee that the counselling sessions will be successful, or that the outcome will be exactly as expected, should the outcome of counselling not be what I expected, I will not have legal cause of action against the counsellor based on her professional and competent use of counselling/therapeutic techniques, with the client. I accept that this will also not provide ground for the refusal of payment of the account.  

  • I understand and accept that I have the right to terminate sessions whenever I wish to;
  • I understand that the counsellor may terminate counselling sessions should she feel that the client is not cooperating;
  • I understand that the counsellor may recommend referral of the client to another practitioner should she feel that it is in the clients best interest;
  • I am aware that all information shared by the counsellor is treated confidential, with the exception of information related to child abuse, the endangerment of self or others or criminal offences.

Counselling sessions are charged for a 51­-60 minute period. Should a report be required, it will be charged at the hourly rate and the content thereof will be limited due to confidentiality of sessions. Sessions are payable before a session comences. An invoice can be provided which the client can claim back from their South African medical aid if covered by their scheme.

Limitations and Requirements for Online Counselling

Benefits and limitations
Online counselling is a convenient alternative to traditional face-­to-­face counselling and has been shown to be effective in helping with many difficulties. However online has limitations. There is a lack of “personal” face-­to-­face interaction which can make counselling less of a relational experience. It is also not an appropriate medium if you are seriously depressed, have serious substance dependence, or you are experiencing intense suicidal or homicidal thoughts. Seeing a mental health professional face­-to-­face is recommended in these situations. Like most forms of counselling, online counselling can make you feel worse before you start feeling better and the changes you experience may create conflict in your close relationships.

Technological requirements and competences
To engage in online counselling, you will require a device that can connect to the internet and be able to install and use the software that we agree to use for communication. A reliable high­speed internet connection (minimum 10Mbps for video) is also required. Please be aware that online counselling may utilise significant amounts of your data, especially if utilising video (300­ 800MB/hour estimated).

Procedures for technical difficulties
Disruptions can occur when using the internet to communicate. Should communication be disrupted, the counsellor will immediately attempt to reconnect and resume the session. However, if repeatedly unable to reconnect for 10 minutes, the session will be rescheduled (via email) to a later date once connectivity is resumed.

Any information provided to the counsellor will remain confidential and will not be given to a third party unless you give specific permission to release the information. However please be aware that if there is a significant risk of you seriously harming yourself or another person, the counsellor is obliged to act to prevent harm, which may involve giving information to a third party.

Online counselling utilises the Internet for the transmission of personal information and therefore there are increased risks to confidentiality and it cannot be guaranteed. To protect your confidentiality, it is required that services be utilised that provide encryption to communicate. Please consider password protecting the devices you use and installing antivirus software to prevent access by third parties. Please ensure that you use a private environment when engaging in online therapy so that intrusions can be minimised.

Crisis management
It can be difficult to deal with emergency crisis situations when using online counselling as we are often in separate locations. Therefore you are asked to provide the contact details of a local emergency contact (family or friend) who can be contacted in the case of an emergency. If you are in crisis and there is a disruption while engaging in online counselling, then you should immediately phone the counsellor.

Legal recourse
The counsellor is registered with the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA) and their professional behavior is governed by this regulatory body. Please note that if you are not located in South Africa then any legal recourse will only be available in South Africa.


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A copy of your registration form will be mailed to you for your records.