Online Therapy Sessions

Online counselling has benefits as well as limitations. Therapy using an online can be a more accessible form of counselling to the long-established medium of face-to-face. You do however lose some communication through this medium, below are some benefits and drawbacks you must consider before booking a session.

So what are the benefits of online counselling?

Online counselling allows you to have a private session in the comfort of your own home/office/car (in your own appropriate private and comfortable space). Allowing you to feel more secure and open up with more ease.

The most important benefit of online counselling is that it removes two key barriers to getting therapy, namely time and distance.


As therapy is offered in a space convenient for the client, it makes scheduling a session in our busy times much easier, as travel time is now eliminated. Your time waiting in the car outside an extra mural can now become a therapy session (should the privacy requirements be met).


Brining us to distance. For many traveling several kilometers is a challenge, however for some there aren’t local counselors available, or there are limited options within travel distance.

Over and above these traditional barriers to getting therapy, the online platform also makes tools available that help facilitate sessions more effectively. Both from an administration as well as session conduction perspective.

What are the drawbacks to online counselling?

Online therapy has shown to be very favorable, except for the fact that there is no "personal" interaction. Thich can make the counselling less of a connective relational experience, which is sometimes needed.

It is not an appropriate medium for clients who:

  • Are suicidal
  • Have homicidal thoughts
  • Have severe mental illness
  • Have severe substance abuse issues
  • Believe they will need the personal interaction

In these cases it is highly recommended that you seek a suitable professional for face-to-face assistance. 

What are the minimum requirements to have online counselling?

First and foremost, a willingness to address your challenge. However, there are some real practical limitations to this medium, and if you are unable to meet these requirements, I strongly urge you to search for local counsellors in your area to assist you with your challenges.

Good Connectivity

To work together with online counselling, it is of essence that you have a suitable device and stable internet connection. Also be aware of the data that will be consumed. Your connection should be able to carry a video call to get the most out of your sessions. Please be mindful of the fact that sometimes the internet is unstable so sessions might need to be rescheduled should either party be unable to reconnect.


Patient-confidentiality is of outmost importance and all information that is given between the counsellor and client will be kept confidential. Unless client has indicated harmful tendencies or has indicate to hurt to another person, this will need to be disclosed to the appropriate Professional or parties. Please make sure that all devices are password protective and that we use services to communicate are encrypted. Please also make sure your environment is private when conducting the session.