Cost and Medical Aids

Counselling is one of the most affordable options available to address challenges in your life. Counselling rates are based on the duration of a session and a normal session is an hour long. Unless you requested a longer session, it is assumed that your appointment will be for an hour.

Counselling Rates

My rates are typically below medical aid rates, however, it remains your responsibility to confirm how much your medical aid covers. You will be liable for the difference between the cost and the medical aid rate of your medical aid.

Session Duration Medical Aid Rate Cash Rate
20 – 30 Minutes R198.00 R180.00
31 – 40 Minutes R286.00 R260.00
41 – 50 Minutes R363.00 R330.00
51 – 60 Minutes (Normal Session) R440.00 R400.00
61 – 70 Minutes R528.00 R480.00
71 – 80 Minutes R616.00 R560.00
81 – 90 Minutes R693.00 R630.00

What payment methods do you accept?

  • Cash
  • Debit/Credit Cards
  • Most Medical Aids

Is there a discount available?
When payment is in cash there are discounted rates available as there is less administrative overhead. Your Credit/Debit card payments will also qualify you for this discount. You can then submit the claim to your medical aid on your own for a refund if you wish to do so.

Will my medical aid pay for the sessions?
Counselling is covered by all the major medical aid providers, each medical aid however has different limits and funds from which it is paid. I therefore strongly suggest you contact your medical aid fund to confirm what your benefits are. Should you have benefits, I will claim on your behalf and supply the necessary procedure codes and ICD 10 codes on the invoice to your medical aid. However, it is important to emphasise that the client remains ultimately responsible for the charges.

How many sessions would I require?
This will all depend on you and your progress as this varies greatly with each person.

I cant afford counselling?

If you need help and can’t afford to pay for counselling, there are various non-profit organisations that can assist you:

Crisis line: 0861 322 322 is a 24 hour help line, or
Visit their, or
Tel: 011 728 1331.

To find a Support Group in your area,phone SADAG on (011) 234 4837,
Suicide Crisis Line:0800 567 567, or SMS 31393
Alternatively, visit their for more information.